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Among the variety of vendors offering radiators, so hard to find exactly the company that can safely rely on, based on its extensive experience and guaranteed quality. Buy an aluminum radiator, then fill your home warm and cozy atmosphere, freeing yourself from hassle, associated to the heating.

Since its inception, the company Alltermo improving and growing for the past ten years, providing the only high-quality aluminum and bimetal radiators, taking into account the wishes of the customer and the requirements which must correspond to each model. Paying great attention to the quality of their products, we do not forget about the importance of appearance, as we believe that user-friendly, reliable, and can even be refined aluminum battery. It is through this approach, developed in Italy All termo radiators company won a leading position not only in the domestic market but also abroad.

Our company offers you a choice of aluminum radiators, which have strong sectional design, high emissivity and wide area heating. Alltermo Aluminium will provide your room maximum amount of heat and ensure a stylish design, comfort and ease of use. The modern and proven technology radiators All termo make each model is robust, stable and durable.

Bimetallic radiators are found not only in homes but in offices. The popularity of these models is supported by its resistance to corrosion, due to the special two-layer coating technology with epoxy polyester, resistant to the increased hydraulic pressure, ease of installation and the ability to define and regulate the air temperature. Regardless of the quality of the coolant in your home, Alltermo Bimetall will be long and reliably, without succumbing to the influence of various chemical substances.

The relatively low price for the quality is justified for more than one decade, allowing you to choose only one time in favor of one heating radiator, and a reliable and tight packing of each model will ensure its safety during the delivery to any part of the country.

Our company will provide the necessary advice and technical support to answer all your questions and provide high quality and durable heating equipment.