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Aluminum radiators and their characteristics

Aluminum radiators spoil us with their graceful and pleasing cast sectional design. High heat and low weight - a distinct advantage over other models such as the affordable price. Unlike his brothers, cast iron, aluminum model picky about the quality of the coolant and put forward a number of requirements to its chemical composition, the need for continued support to the level of its PH. Aluminum radiators are made from virgin or recycled materials, on which the subsequent quality and price model. Easy installation and further exploitation pleasantly pleased, because if you want to just remove the radiator, for this need, just unscrew the four nuts.

Now about those "buts", you will encounter after purchasing aluminum radiator. Such models eventually corrode when in contact with water in case of damage to the oxide film. Another problem is the accumulation of aluminum radiators gas appliances, which is easily solved by installing an additional valve for pent-up air shutter.

On the market today have a wide selection of aluminum radiators designed for different working pressures and adapted to the conditions of the urban environment. Different manufacturers offer different quality products and an abundance of models, it is easy to get confused and mistaken with a choice of losing some kind of detail. In this case, our company ALL termo ready to help you make the right choice. We will answer all your questions, provide professional consultation and quality aluminum radiator, which will serve you long and reliable.