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Bimetallic radiators and their characteristics

Bimetallic model successfully compete with other types of radiators. From aluminum radiators are distinguished by the steel core and the ability to work with high pressure coolant, which is almost no contact with the aluminum-jacketed heater. Radiators are so comfortable and original in a safe connection of its sections, which do not create any problems with their assembly-disassembly and installation, In contrast to the aluminum models, bimetallic radiators are not picky about the quality of the coolant and able to work successfully with the water that flows into our pipes .

The negative point is present in the same duality of materials of construction for bimetallic radiators as aluminum and steel have different coefficients of thermal expansion, which would eventually "embroil" the two metal and destroy the connection between them. But even a friendly touch of these two metals can cause galvanic corrosion, which in turn will lead to rusting of steel pipes.

Bimetal radiator is recommended in areas of high hydraulic pressure. Our city apartments and offices are just such places.

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