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Aluminum radiators

High quality and durable heavy-duty aluminum radiator


Bimetallic radiators

Long life and increased thermal performance


Components materials

Diverse large range of spare parts for radiators

Technical support

ALL-termo Company provides a set of all necessary documents regarding the technical characteristics of each model, with which you can see, before you finally make your choice. We offer not only the radiators, but also competent consultation with the answers to all your questions.
installation Rules
- Radiators are used in systems of water and steam heating system with water temperature of 110 ° C, with a working pressure of 16 atm. and a pH of 7 to 8.
- Radiators are installed in systems using steel, copper, metal and plastic pipes.
- During installation, observe the following distances: 10 cm to the floor, up the wall 3 cm, 10 cm to the window sill
- To remove the air recommended for each radiator valves, automatic or manual venting.
Guarantee of the manufacturing plant is distributed to the radiators for 10 years, with the installation of the batteries should be performed only by qualified personnel in full compliance with regulatory requirements.